FS Tell a Friend WordPress Plugin

Version 1.0, FREE PLUGIN

FS Tell a Friend, v. 1.0 – Download Link


screenshot of free tell a friend plugin screenshot wordpress plugin admin panel


The FS Tell a Friend plugin management panel is split into 5 sections.

  • The top 2 sections are responsible for text settings on lightbox (basic and special),
  • the next 2 are: email template and CSS code for message lightbox.
  • Finally, in the last section we have 2 line charts updated automatically: emails sent via plugin during last 30 days, and emails sent by plugin during last 12 months.

The plugin comes in two forms: as shortcode ( [ fstaf_basic ] or [ fstaf_special ]) and widget. Both shortcode and widget options are further split into 2 sub-options: basic and special. What is the difference between basic and special options? Let’s imagine situation when, after filling form, visitor gets a Thank You page with the FS Tell a Friend button. The automatically intercepted page URL will show the Thank You page. To send URL of such page obviously doesn’t make sense, especially that the page can be dynamic depending on cookies or session variables: visible for the person who just completed a form or purchase, but for nobody else from other computer/device. To handle somehow such situation the plugin, in the special option, gives you possibility to show the URL to the Thank You page to the visitor who is just about to send the message to a friend, BUT, the friend will not get the URL to Thank You page, instead the friend will get URL to the fixed page – see yellow field in the top second section with description: “SPECIAL REDIRECTION URL“. By default during plugin installation the special redirection URL is set to your blog home page and you can change it to any other URL.

The additional usable option both for basic and special modes enables to replace clickable text produced by shortcode or by widget with a graphic button. To enable graphic button you will need exact full button URL, taken from Media Library, for instance.

Email template and lightbox CSS code are fully editable. Also both modes – basic and special – share the same email template and the same lightbox CSS code. In case you are lost in modifications you have option to load the default email template and/or default lightbox CSS code and save it to have a fresh start for modifications.

The statistical section, with lines charts, is updated automatically. The chart lines vertices are active and by hovering your mouse cursor over them you can read exact values.

The FS Tell a Friend plugin doesn’t pollute WordPress options table. It adds only version number to WordPress options table. All other settings are kept in the plugin’s separated table, which is deleted on deleting the plugin.  The plugin deactivation DOESN’t delete the table. The table is deleted only if you want to remove the plugin totally from your WordPress installation by clicking the “Delete” option below the plugin name.

After clicking the below shortcode you will get lightbox like the one visible in the below screenshot

wordpress plugin - tell a friend, lightbox before form sent
FS Tell a Friend Plugin lightbox


The below text is active shortcode, which clicked produces the message lightbox. Option used: graphic button, instead just default black on white “Tell a Friend”.

IMPORTANT 1.  ==> Please keep in mind, that the default CSS settings of the FS Tell a Friend message lightbox (how it looks like) can be affected by theme and/or other plugins CSS code. However, to overcome this problem the plugin provides full CSS code flexibility.

IMPORTANT 2. ==> When you are logged in to your WordPress panel, the plugin emails are not sent. It means, that the plugin works only for unlogged users (visitors).

After the message is sent, the message box is resized and shows confirmation like in the image below.

tell a friend plugin screenshot after form has been sent