Your Website and Google Panda and Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin are Google algorithm updates, which have influence on websites positioning. So far main headache for Google was SEO techniques called Black Hat. More or less Black Hat techniques mean not honest approach to SEO by – for instance – cloaking. Cloaking is a technique which provides two kinds of content: one content for users and another one for search engines trying to mislead them. Obviously, the dirty tricks sometimes seriously biased Google searching results. Many times dirty tricks place a website in Google sandbox, for months or years.

Now, with the above mentioned updates Google search engine users can expect not only higher quality content but content with better user experience as well. Both Panda and Penguin put down websites with not only bad, low quality mass-produced content, but put lower websites with bad user experience (for instance: navigation mechanics which is difficult to follow as well).

It seems like times of crap content and link farms for SEO are over. I was always sure that producing low quality content artificially stuffed with keywords doesn’t make sense, and fighting for thousands exchanged links is stupid too. Ultimately, you need visitors which provide high conversion rate, and only organic SEO is the right solution. Panda and Penguin algorithms help to promote websites based on organic SEO, which have advanced user friendly navigation, and where people spend more time. Now it is important not only how many visitors you have, but how much time they spend on your website.