WordTracker vs Google Analytics – which one is better?

What would be more useful in business internet battle: WordTracker or Google Analytics (with Google Webmaster Tools included)? In fact due to nature of both tools the choice is easy: for serious business activity you should use both.

The above decision  is based on simple fact, that Google Analytics is free and has some useful features, despite its messy navigation and something I call as-if-LSD-based-navigation-logic. Will it be free forever? Probably. I guess that the reason why Google offers something for free is possibility, that they use Google Analytics to get very detailed data about websites which helps them to play with prices on Google Adwords. They need some input to be able to effectively maximize the prices on Google Adwords. On top of that, watching your activity on Google Analytics panel they can get some useful conclusions.

Another important fact is that WordTracker is rather different tool than Google Analytics and not only because limited amount of options – which can be bonus, actually. Google Analytics is more focused on your website, and with WordTracker you can try to guess what keywords and phrases you could use.

WordTracker should be used as well, because this tool will help you especially when you start your business and want to know how the space of profitable keywords/phrases look like. Some time ago there was useful Google Keywordstool, but Google removed it to earn more money on Google Adwords. WordTracker will help also in  finding proper keywords/phrases during creating content for your website’s pages. On WordTracker you will get – first of all – information about relative keywords/phrases searches, and this is really precious piece of information, which you can not get from Google Analytics. This information is helpful especially for design of navigation menu. Usually important keywords should be placed in navigation menu, because this way you can improve user experience (UX).

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are useful if you want to fix website errors, like 404 etc, so this is rather aimed at mainentance of your website. On Google Analytics you can get some clues from SEO keywords used by visitors to find your pages, and from the tab ‘landing pages’ where you can find on which pages your visitors landed (clicks) or which pages were visible in search results but links were not clicked (impressions only) for some reason.

So, in my opinion WordTracker is better for planning strategy – you get inormation about very important keywords/phrases relative  monthly searches – whereas Google Analytics gives you somehow limited raw estimation of ongoing results. Definitely, to rely only on Google Analytics is not enough if you think seriously about business in a niche with strong competitors.