Optin Plugins: Optin Monster vs Pippity Review

pippity test admin panel

Both pop up lightbox marketing tools – Optin Monster and Pippity can be very useful:

Optin Monster:

  • basic plan for 1 site – $49 YEARLY
  • ultimate plan for unlimited sites: $499 (most probably YEARLY too)
  • Optin Monster has functionality called – exit intent (pop up activation on leaving the post/page – mouse tracking) – but to get it you need to pay for Pro plan $199 (again – most probably yearly)


  • basic plan for 1 site: $49, ONE TIME PAYMENT with updates and support for one year, after one year you will not get updates/support, but your plugin will be working
  • unlimited sites: $164, one time payment, after that – read the point above.
  • exit intent is present (popup on mouse-out), even in basic plan for $49 (1 site)

From my point of view – on pages where I could see how Optin Monster works, it looks better, but this is the first impression, and Pippity lets you customize pop up box as you wish, so you could get the same look as for Optin Monster probably. Also, on Pippity website you can check and see back end of light box customisation and how it works. Also, some people reported Pippity not working or working not properly on their websites (probably due to some conflicts with other plugins or with activated theme).

Exit intent – from my point of view – is very useful marketing tool, so if you are a web developer, have customers, need slide in option, and can afford yearly payment $199 I would recommend Optin Monster. But on the other side you can get the same option in Pippity for $49 if you need for instance exit intent option for one site only and don’t care about slide in option. On Optin Monster page you will not find information that the price is in fact yearly subscription, because if after one year you will not renew plugin key your plugin will stop working. To get it working again you will have to pay for key reactivation. So, before purchase better ask how much you need to pay.

Both optin plugins enable you upgrade, so it seems that the best option is to try both and choose the one which works best with your website, taking into account installed plugins and WordPress theme. It is possible that one of the plugin – as stated above – can cause conflicts with other plugin or theme features.

Some people can be annoyed by such pop ups, and it is possible that leads gained by such marketing tool can be lower quality. In fact, this technique produces some pressure on visitor. However, if you are interested in just higher number of leads/conversions for whatever cost, pop up optins are the right tool because they do work. Answer for question: do I need optin pop ups on my website? depends on your product/service and target audience. If they are suitable tools for your product/service/market niche, and you don’t use it, it means that your competitors will do.