Which Web Design?

Web Design based on WordPress is one of the cheapest Web Design options available. Reason for this is very simple: there are many WordPress themes for free, and – maybe even the most important factor – Web Design based on WordPress themes is easy to modify and/or replace. With full access to both functional and layout parts of WordPress themes many admins are able to do needed modifications themselves. For more advanced WordPress themes all the Web Design modification job can be done via more or less admin-friendly panels, keeping admins safely far away from PHP programming.

Essential part of modification of any Web Design is inclusion of media files (video, audio, photo). This task is easy if based on WordPress themes, because even if theme itself doesn’t allow for the inclusion, there are many plugins which can make this option possible. Actually, in WordPress publishing technology plugins are essential part of Web Design. And, there are thousands of plugins available for free. Some very advanced plugins come with small fee, usually within range $5-$25, which is within limits of every common sense Web Design budget.

Prices of really advanced Web Design WordPress packages are around $30-$60, and within the range you can find responsive Web Design, however there are responsive WordPress themes, with basic settings, available for free.

Definitely, if you look for cheap Web Design, with access to some Web Design management panel, WordPress themes are the best solution. And, don’t forget – total design’s change of your website is very safe job, usually taking only few clicks, because in WordPress design content is separated from layout. However, as usual, due to standard safety precaution measures it is advisable to make copy of all your website content, before you change WordPress theme.