Website Transfer to WordPress and SEO

Is it worth to transfer old website to WordPress? Would it be big risk, if there was some SEO work done with old files and links? In my opinion, unless your website doesn’t need any weird or advanced technical support unavailable in WordPress, definitely transferring website to WordPress can significantly improve overall SEO performance. First of all, WordPress as a website framework takes seriously all this stuff about keywords and proper html tags descriptions. As such, out of the box, WordPress is SEO friendly. However, in spite of this, with advanced (and usually free) SEO plugins you – as a website owner – can do much SEO job yourself, decreasing this way the cost of SEO campaign.

Another aspect, sometimes neglected by website owners, is simple fact, that customers change their needs in time, so it would be advisable to update keywords content and landing pages accordingly. In case of a static website, this would mean some additional time consuming job. On a website based on WordPress the process of adding new content and integrate it with other website’s pages, or even exchanging pages between different menu items is as simple as possible. WordPress as such helps to make content publishing very easy. With very short time needed to create new keywords rich content, you can publish more often, and your new pages have better quality, which increases SEO performance of your website. From Searching Engines Optimization point of view WordPress helps you to produce better, SEO friendly content.

Issues related to pages ending with “.php” or “.html” arise from the fact that URLs on WordPress website end with forward slash “/”. This can be fixed in two ways:

1. by installation of WordPress plugin which automatically replaces forward slash with the above mentioned extensions however all your newly created pages will end with .php or .html (except blog pages) or

2. use Permanent Redirection 301 (via PHP or .htaccess file, the best option in my opinion) for all .php or .html pages extensions, which redirect all pages, and all traffic, to new location, that is new URLs ending with “/”. Fortunately Permanent Redirection 301 is SEO friendly, which means that both your Page Rank and inbound links will be properly transferred.