Webmaster Guidelines Improve SEO performance

Most probably the best first step to improve website visibility is to stick to Webmaster Guidelines listed here. This is a set of fixed common sense rules you can observe, the very basics, to get your pages higher in searching engines. I will explain all points below, but there is one golden rule – avoid dodgy techniques to avoid problems.

Design and Content Guidelines

This is about general technical performance of your website. First of all do have an xml sitemap, usually it is something like sitempa.xml. It is written in XML format, but this is for searching engines to read, not for humans. Next simple thing: do use “alt” and “title” attributes where it is possibl – that is mainly for images (alt) and links (title). Even if you have text in image use “alt” tag. People can see text on your image, but searching engines will find it difficult without some help like “alt” attribute.

Don’t place to many links on every page. It makes user experience rather worse than better. The number of links should be result of some logical connections between pages, based on their content relations. Also, check for broken links and correct HTML structure of your pages. For pages generated on the fly you should know that not all searching engines will be able to read them. So, it is better to keep nice pretty links like for instance: http://example.com/some-directory/some-keyphrase/page-title.html.

What is written above is very basic, and despite title Webmaster Guidelines, which can suggest some higher skills needed, you don’t need to be professional webmaster to fix all the above mentioned problems.

Technical Guidelines


Quality Guideliness