SEO time table

How long time does it take to get organic SEO results, and why so long? Is there any SEO time table? In fact, you need to answer yourself if 1-3 months to see initial results of organic SEO is long time. Part of the time is taken by careful analysis of actual website SEO performance, niche market, and several other factors, and only after this preparation whatever searching engines optimization is possible at all. Many times you need to make changes against what you would like to see on your website, because the website is not for you. Your website is for your customers and searching engines (which attract more customers). Usually people accept changes, but sometimes they need to make choice – to get things as they want them to be done, or to modify thing according to data coming from SEO and marketing niche analysis. The choice is between ego and online money.

In reality this preparation period can take somewhere between 1 and 3 weeks. Seems to be long, but this time is not wasted. During the 1-3 weeks time you have to rearrange your objectives according to results of marketing niche research. Usually, after that some essential rebuilt of website takes place. For instance, we can simplify and or replace some items in your navigation menu. It seems to be obvious, that items in your navigation bar are important for searching engines optimization, for the simple reason, that this would be very weird if your navigation had nothing to do with your website’s content. So, searching engines “assume”, that the very architecture of your navigation conveys some valuable information not only about content of your website as such, but also about every single page pointed by navigation items. There are more details to fix, just to mention here the most obvious ones like “titles” and “alt” attributes.

Other problem is that to get reasonable SEO campaign results, during this initial period navigation should be rebuilt in a way which is not only useful for searching engines, but also – and first of all actually – for your website’s users. Some searching engines can check how user friendly and functional is your navigation system. They can also check how long time users spend on every page, which helps to estimate how interesting is any given page. For this reason the optimization includes also human factor.

From time to time it happens, that website should be totally rebuilt, because existing visual and functional structure doesn’t provide possibilities advanced enough to bring satisfactory results. With WordPress, or probably some other Content Management Systems this is not that big problem, and can be done rather quickly and very cheaply. What you can expect as well, is moving your website to hosting server located more appropriately to your marketing target audience.

There are more things to do, and every case is different, but all this takes time. The more customized approach you take, the better results you can expect. On average SEO campaign lasts for about 6 – 12 months to get reasonable and satisfactory results.