SEO Basics for Small Business – Blogging

What is the difference between SEO basics for small business and SEO basics for some home made blogging? The first and obvious point is that, as such, “home-made” blogger can write about anything, whereas business blogging should be carefully targeted.

An average blogger writes posts related to things which are interesting to him/her. Usually, the posts titles are fueled by ongoing, everyday events. So, by its nature both posts titles and posts contents are unpredictable. Blogging about current, headlines events surely attract more traffic or produces higher probability to keep visitor interest longer on website page on rather psychological basis than related somehow to SEO.

Blogging for business takes totally different approach. You can not just sit down and write about whatever comes to your mind. First step in business blogging for SEO is always some kind of preparation and business analysis. What you write attracts traffic. It can attract traffic which can produce higher or lower conversion rate. Even if you modify content later, there is always SEI inertia – searching engines need time to re-analyse the new content, lets say at least 2-3 months. If you would like to avoid wasting your time, better use some online keywords research services, before you start writing posts. The problem is, that uusually the servcies are not cheap and based on subscription. Prices range from zero to about £2000 per month, depending on how big and demanding is yoru business. Probably the most affordable of them are and Google Adwords system.

Google Adwords is free and you don’t need to pay to get access to information. However, for the zero price don’t expect quantitative miracles. But, still you get access to some valuable information about possible topic worth to write about in your seo style blog. Wordtracker is very valuable too, despite the price starting from $69 per month (plus, well, yes, VAT), however you get one week trial (credit/debit cards details are needed).

All what is written above means that you need to know EXACTLY about what possible topics you business blog should be built. This is probably the most important aspect of business blogging for SEO – to write, mainly, about business related topics, and key phrases. Having all statistical data concerning key phrases used by your potential customers you can be insufficient if you forget that you write for real people at the same time. It means, that content of your posts should have not only high quality from searching engines point of view, but should be valuable for real people too, and have – preferably – some emotional impact. Try to write in a way which can keep people engaged, and their attention focused. Ask yourself if you like to read boring posts, I bet – not. So, treat your potential customers with respect, and you will find that many of them will become converted from potential into real customers. It can happen also, that due to useful content of your blog you can get inbound links from other blogs and websites.