Organic SEO Prices

Organic SEO prices depends on several factors, where most of them is tightly related to kind of business. Whatever is character of your business, you need to be aware of two things: there is internet space, and there are – except your website and the space – your competitors too. If you want to be above them in searching results, it logically means that they have to be below you. Do they want it? They don’t. Does existence of your competitors affect organic SEO prices? It does.

The most important part of SEO marketing, which directly affects organic SEO prices, is your business niche analysis. It takes time to carry out serious analysis of at least several factors such as:

  • key phrases on which your competitors’ websites are based,
  • techniques they use to get their high position in searching engines,
  • landing pages they use to produce higher conversion,
  • their internet advertising methods,
  • how their website interface affects user experience,
  • how many of your competitors dwell in the niche of your business,
  • traffic statistics

to mention only some of the basic ones. However, the list is very incomplete. There are more many factors related to your own website. They are not mentioned here, but they have to be carefully analyzed. Except that please be aware, that not all SEO marketing tools can be used due to specific of your business or technical resources.

All this “preparation period” is for one reason only – to get out reasonable, workable, logical conclusions. Out there, in the internet space, there are your enemies, which are very smart people. They have SEO budgets probably, and they know that organic SEO prices, the money they spent, are closely related to Google searching results. Maybe they spent some considerable money for standard marketing techniques (radio, tv, newspapers, etc) some time ago. Their present position today can be logical consequence of previous costs. Or, they can have monthly budget to keep SEO marketing running after initial campaign setup.

Whatever you do, good analysis takes time. It can take 40 hours, or it can take 100 hours. All this depends on your marketing niche. With high quality analysis and properly performed SEO campaign afterwards you can always expect good and long lasting marketing results.

To give you raw technical basics concerning organic SEO, which can directly affect organic SEO prices, read 10 SEO tips at below link:

10 Basic SEO tips influencing organic SEO prices

The above text is very short, but really does make sense, but keep in mind that it is much less than tip of an iceberg.