Membership – Subscription Site

Subscription site earns money via payable access to some information or digital products: music, photography, video, books etc. or to have access to some data, like for instance members data (dating site). Usually the all content management system (CMS) or access system is divided into 3 modules:

  • member panel
  • admin panel
  • secured directories with content for paid access
  • payment processing gate (to get money from user via PayPal for instance)

Content Management (Access) System can be part of other online software, like for instance WordPress or phpBB forum after installation of appropriate plugin/module. After you started successful forum and want to monetize incoming traffic, a good idea would be to install a module to charge people for access to some content (if you own such content). Usually people use the same login data to log into both  forum (or other system) and paid content (after completed payment).

In an e-commerce site based on subscription you charge membership (subscription) fee for access for a period – lets say – 30 days, or for trial period 1 or 3 days, usually with lower fee, which later can be automatically extended into standard membership fee.

Most probably the best and the most reliable online software with excellent options for content management, advanced  integration possibilities (with WordPress and phpBB included, but actually many more) and many payment systems, except standard PayPal, is Amember Pro. Click link below to get full details about this software:

Amember Pro – powerful and full-featured membership/subscription software

I installed and managed Amember Pro probably dozens of times, and in my opinion this is the best membership software for cost effective business platform like LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), however can be installed on Windows (with Apache server) as well. Amember Pro is written in PHP programming language, which means that its maintenance cost is lower then in case of other content management systems based on programming languages like Java or C#.