Lesson 1 – which IDE should I use for ActionScript 3.0 programming

flex builder standard, actionscript 3.0 programming

Which IDE should I use for AS3.0 programming? This is important question, because there is always possibility to use come command line compilation methods but the best idea is to use some graphical interface which speeds the all proces of creating of application.

There are not too many options, due to weird policy of Adobe of not supporting FLASH and limiting this technology you have actually three options:

1. FlashBuilder – whatever version, expensive option but really comfortable, can be downloaded from Adobe website. The good news is that there is long trial period (it was 60 days) so you have enough time to learn ActionScript 3.0.

2. IDE based on Eclipse-like solutions – to find more you need to contact groups of developers dealing with FLEX. This kind of IDE usually lets you write code in HTML5 or Java and other languages also.

3. FlashDev – the best option in my opinion which I recommend – FlashDev comes free, but unfortunately is limited only to Windo*s system.

Above you can see screenshot of FlexBuilder Standard (discontinued, but rougly you will see the same picture with FlashBuilder).