Landing pages explained

What is the difference between landing page and normal website page? I mean difference in online marketing sense, because in fact every page on which online user/customer “lands” could be described as landing page.

Well, the difference is essential and has much to do with conversion rate. To get properly constructed landing page you need some special content plus CTA. CTA means Call To Action. It is CTA what makes difference. How about content on landing page? There is some content too, but this content is very specific. Usually this is very short text content. Common marketing tactics is to place all the stuff of landing page in some layout box to make it visible on average (most popular) screen resolutions without scrolling. As you probably expect, there is no place for long, elaborated explanations concerning your business. You have a little bit of place for explanations, and more space for some graphic content and some space for CTA device.

Explanations equal text content. This is clear. You write and believe that your potential customers will read all of it. But mind the gap between your belief and reality. Remember –¬† the less you write, the more they read. Keep the text easy to read, font big enough and good contrast.

How about the above mentioned graphic content? Graphic content on landing page means deliberately selected graphics elements which are supposed to trigger some action in users/customer’s mind. For instance, you can use some nice icons, or a photo with content strongly attracting online user’s attention etc – the exact graphic content depends on product or service you sell. Moreover, images make your page less boring.

The essential part of landing page is CTA device. This can be simple but nice button, which user is expected to click to download something, or this can be some form to fill in and submit to get instant quote or PDF book or subscription etc. CTA can be also just embedded Youtube video, ready for playback when clicked. Anyway, there must be some possibility on landing page  to do something.

So, more or less, when people find themselves on landing page, they should:

  1. quickly know what to do, and
  2. be able to do it fast, without too many clicks, and
  3. the action performed by your potential customers should be useful for your online business

The lower is the number of clicks, the better. Landing page should have a nice look (graphic content plus professional layout). As you probably guess such page is addressed to people. Landing page is not addressed to search engines and doesn’t even need to be indexed by search engines. Landing page is for people use only.