Importance of Website Unique Content

One of the most common mistakes people make starting website is underestimation of content and overestimation of website look. That is true, that a website look and feel should be eye catchy. But, on the other side, the main reason for returning visitors is rather content than how beautiful is a website. Beautiful page, without content or with low quality content is useless for users. They can only look at it. Do they have time for staring at a web page and doing nothing? They don’t. So, seems like you have prepare content as well, especially that in WordPress system with easy editing options for pages and posts content can be easily created, edited and published.

Other very important issue is using content existing somewhere else, to get website working quickly or because of laziness of website owner. This is BIG NO NO in SEO approach and copyrights can be problem as well. To cut it short: never use copy of any content existing already in internet, except maybe quotations if it is copyright safe. Google don’t like wasting their resources to create separate space in databases for repeated content. People starting their website usually assume that online users are dump, that they can be feed with content digested many times somewhere else. What is more interesting, is that the same people are very careful in picking up usable content in internet if they look for something for themselves. But, in spite of that, they seem to think, that other online users are brainless. Don’t forget – money earned by website come from pockets of other people, not from your own pocket, so be honest and give online users what they are looking for, high quality product, or at least try to do so. If your content is crap, even the best design will not help too much.

The best you can do is to produce unique, exclusive, high quality content for your website. That is content which doesn’t exist anywhere else except on your website and you are owner of all copyrights for this content – this means the content is exclusive. High quality of website content means – usually – that the content is useful for people, that this is not something just to fill cheaply web pages space, it means that it is something which attracts online users attention and make them staying longer on your website (good for SEO). Low quality content can pull down design of your website. Exclusive, high quality content is good not only for website users and SEO, but for web design as well. Design is like a frame, and content is hanging on this frame. With high quality web content, design looks better. Website content and website design can not exists without each other. They both are important, but I would say, that in some situations content can be more important. Let’s say, we have two online shops, one with ugly design, and the other one with beautiful design. But, in the first shop the same products are 30% cheaper and we know that customer service is excellent there. Where would you buy the products? Most probably in the first shop, despite of ugly design. However, in some situations this is design which is more important – all depends on products or services you offer. You have to take flexible approach both for content and design.

Whatever you do, keep in mind: unique and high quality content can make your website outstanding.