How to set up Cron job on GoDaddy shared hosting?

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First of all: I DO NOT RECOMMEND GoDaddy shared hosting for any e-commerce, cms etc more serious projects. But, unfortunately, some of my customer use it. Below is example of code I used to get php script working based on Cron job. Situations when godaddy cron job php is not working are too common, so I hope the below stuff will help suffering webmasters.

/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/username/public_html/phpscript.php

Just replace username by your account username to get proper path to your script, and phpscript.php is the script you would like to get working. The “native” as they call it PHP on shared hosting I was using for development was 5.4.

WARNING! The script to fire via Cron has to be under public_html. When I placed it in folder aside public_html or in subfolder of public_html the Cron job didn’t work.