How to remove Woocommerce Additional Information Tab

Some time ago I was looking for how to remove WooCommerce Additional Information ab for single product listing. I got some Google results, but they didn’t work. I added some filters, or applied some recommendations, but the result was that WordPress template didn’t work or Additional Information tab still remained. In the end I started searching for the place in WooCommerce plugin code where I can somehow get rid of the problem. And I found, that in file called woocommerce-template.php – located straight under plugin folder woocommerce – all you need to do is just get out part of the code reponsible for creation of Additional Information tab. The code, in my customer installation was somewhere close to line 750 of the php file, and I deactivated it using /* */ in the way you can see below, so it can be activated back any time:

=================== code excerpt start ============================
if ( $post->post_content )
$tabs[‘description’] = array(
‘title’ => __( ‘Description’, ‘woocommerce’ ),
‘priority’ => 10,
‘callback’ => ‘woocommerce_product_description_tab’

(line 757) // Additional information tab – shows attributes
/* if ( $product->has_attributes() || ( get_option( ‘woocommerce_enable_dimension_product_attributes’ ) == ‘yes’ && ( $product->has_dimensions() || $product->has_weight() ) ) )
$tabs[‘additional_information’] = array(
‘title’ => __( ‘Additional Information’, ‘woocommerce’ ),
‘priority’ => 20,
‘callback’ => ‘woocommerce_product_additional_information_tab’

// Reviews tab – shows comments
if ( comments_open() )
$tabs[‘reviews’] = array(
‘title’ => sprintf( __( ‘Reviews (%d)’, ‘woocommerce’ ), get_comments_number( $post->ID ) ),
‘priority’ => 30,
‘callback’ => ‘comments_template’

return $tabs;
=========================== code excerpt end =================

There is absolutely nothing more to do. Obviously, you can probably remove it somehow using some filter addon, but in my opinion the above method is better it just excludes the Additional Information tab before it is placed in tabs array.