Google First Page Ranking

Google First Page Ranking – how about other pages?

Google first page ranking is the most sought for. But does it mean, that other Google search results, placed on pages 2, 3 and other are unusable? It seems that people are mad about first page position. However, let’s look at it using brain. Can every business get Google first page ranking? Obviously – not. The first page space has rather limited number of positions. If the Google First Page Ranking would be all which exists, and would make all other pages totally useless, Google would not produce listing of thousands of other pages, because it would be useless. You could find only one page results and nothing beyond.

The truth is, that position on other pages, I would say – first 10 pages – is extremely beneficial. We all know, that we look for some payable service or product we don’t use only first page results. There are several reasons for it. First of all, prices of services or products placed on the golden Google first page results not necessary can be affordable for our pocket. Other reasons are that maybe the service or product is not available anymore, or temporary out of stock, or deliver cost can be too expensive, or maybe for some reason we don’t like company placed in the first results page.

So, what do we do, if results from the first Google page are not satisfactory? Obviously, we search in other pages. To find good service or product people look not in first few pages only, but – many times – in first 10 pages or more, which can give more than 100 placements checked by them. All is about what they are looking for. If they want to save money, they for sure will look further and dedicate their time to save money.

In my opinion, the higher Google position the better, but – in some niches – the top position can not be reached for financial or other reasons. Strange enough, his is not that bad news sometimes, due to the simple fact, that not always visitors coming from the first page results will leave money (or register) on your website. Conversion of traffic is not that strongly and not always related to only this one factor that you are on the first page of Google results. Moreover, the Google first page ranking can be reached on different ways. Extremely difficult one – via the most popular and highly competitive phrases, or via the so called long tail of phrases. One of the most common mistakes people do is that they want to get on the Google first page ranking using the most competitive phrases. Many times, you can get there easier using more specific phrases, like for instance “wordpress tell a friend plugin” – example below for this website

I would rather divide the Google ranking on two different categories (for payable products and services): the first 5 results pages, first 10 results pages,  and all that is beyond. Much about how valuable is your Google first page ranking depends on such factors like specifics of your business niche, locality considerations, technical issues, design of your website, users experience etc.