Google Adwords vs Organic SEO, which one is worth money?

How to split budget between Google Adwords and organic SEO techniques? Is Google Adwords better than organic SEO? The answer was much easier several years ago, when just writing high quality content or buying dodgy links you could quickly improve your SEO rankings. But as it is now, situation is more complicated.

First of all, you need to classify your website – is it purely business one or just holiday/hobby blog? In the second option, forget Google Adwords, because you will waste your money. Don’t assume, that your organic SEO will improve because you bribe Google with signing to Google Adwords.

If you have business website Google Adwords could work most efficiently only if you want to sell valuable products or services or get  valuable information from visitors when they fill some forms. Big advantage of Google Adwords is that it is safe – Google will not ban you unless you deliberately violate their clear rules easy to find in small-font agreement.

It is always good to have some organic traffic option open. In Google Adwords they will charge you for every click, for sale completed via organic SEO they will not charge you at all. Using only Google Adwords doesn’t need to be painful if you sell expensive products/services and your conversion rate is very high. In my opinion Google Adwords as the only option of internet visibility would make sense if you have effective system for landing pages split A/B test and – except of that – system for analysis of potential customers activity on your website. I don’t say that you can optimise your website so effectively that per every click in Google Adwords you will sell one product or service. What I want to say is only that the conversion ratio can be high enough to make the strategy highly valuable and rely on it.

But how much to spend for Google Adwords and how much for organic SEO? Well, from very beginning it is good limit organic SEO activity for production of high quality posts related to your business, because it is rather cheap and will pay off in time as increased organic traffic. All other money should go to Google Adwords because this way you can optimise your landing pages and navigation (user experience) to make conversion of your visitor into customer higher – but ONLY if you have split testing and visitor watching systems. With optimised landing pages and improved visitor experience of your website you can be sure that the increasing organic SEO traffic will be more effective when you stop paying to Google Adwords.

Obviously, you can use SEO traffic for optimisation of landing pages and user experience (this is never ending process). But when you start your website there is no organic traffic and with Google Adwords this optimisation can be much quicker and more reliable due to the simple facts, that you can choose keywords and key phrases people use to find your website. My approach is, that the less you pay in Google Adwords system, the better. The fat cats in Google are rich enough. The essential advantage of Google Adwords for website optimisation is that with Google Adwords you can save months of time. But once the process of website optimisation is roughly completed, it is better to spend money on organic SEO and on increasing website visibility in social networks like Facebook, Linkedin or others.

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