Google AdWords conversion tracking and optimizing – unorthodox approach

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What is conversion tracking and optimizing about? This is about saving your money in Google AdWords game. Why should you pay for clicks which don’t bring any conversions? In Google AdWords system there are modules to help you in tracking and optimizing your phrases. However, all this is on Google side. Has Google any interest in helping you in exclusion of weak performance phrases? They don’t because if you pay for unnecessary clicks your budget is drying very fast, and you have to refill it quickly again. This is good for Google but bad for you.

At this point you could ask yourself why Google helps you in optimizing your phrases performance? This is a good question and the answer – anyway possible answer in my opinion – is that they can use the information to increase prices you pay for better performing phrases. My guess is that Google AdWords has self-correcting system, buried somewhere deeply in messy explanations and messy algorithms, which helps to keep high income despite Google AdWords’ users optimization. Maybe when Google AdWords finds which phrases are the best, they will increase click cost for the phrases. It sounds dodgy, but Google are neither your best friend, nor they are Santa Clause, and they don’t pay you any money.

Therefore, taking into account what is written above, I would say, that, verily, it is wise and recommended to keep information about the best performing phrases for you only. It means, that you would need some bespoke system integrated with your website, which will help you to find which phrases are the most efficient, but without using Google AdWords conversion tracking system. Unless you are 100% sure that Google will not increase click cost if you let them know which phrases are the best performers. I don’t say that Google AdWords system uses conversion tracking for tweaking clicks’ cost to their advanage, because I don’t know it. I say only, that this is technically possible and easy.  Are you 100% sure they will not use this conversion tracking information against you if they effortlessly can do it? Maybe you believe, that they don’t, but keep in mind, that belief and knowledge (or information) are two totally different things.

We live in very weird times when even banks can not be trusted anymore.