Facebook Fanpage – the very basics

How to set up your own Facebook fanpage (or “fan page”)? A we know times of Facebook integration with your own website are over. The split between open internet space with objects accessible without login is bigger than ever before. It means, that tactics and tools used for Facebook are different than those you can apply on your website. In fact, all what left is the “like” Facebook button, and even with this button you can not modify its look. You could try to implement some Facebook “applications” but it would be balancing on slim edge of between mental health and insanity. All this comes from war between Facebook and Google.

Facebook is not interested in leaking its resources onto your website. Instead they offer free WordPress plugin, to suck your content into Facebook space. However, due to different layout problems and technologies not always it is a good solution. In my opinion it is better to keep web development separately from development in Facebook space. There are too many differences, and will be many more in future. Another developers headache is still low reliability of Facebook developers platform. On top of that, Facebook changes its mind many times, withdrawing some accessible earlier options and making many good WordPress plugins less useful than 1 or 2 years ago. Well, this is Mr Zuckerberg bussinees and he (and shareholders) sets rules.

Funny enough, the differences make setting up a Facebook fanpage very simple task. The general idea in Facebook space is that they use there pictorial language, where instead latin alphabet characters we have images carrying straight away some emotional impact. The more images/video and less text, the better. So, basically, as long as you are able to create your own pics and video and upload it as is to your Facebook fanpage you don’t need anything more. The general rule, very important rule is: have your own exclusive content (don’t copy unless it is legal and worth to do), and keep people engaged in fan page content, keep them looking at images, and scrolling.