Email marketing templates, why it is worth to pay for them

Mailing plays important role new days as one of the main e-commerce tools. At present everybody can start website with low cost. And customers can easily compare different offers, even if there are many of them. For people tired with clicking sophisticated price comparisons online systems were built, where filters let you narrow product parameters you are interested in. The main factor for offers comparison is obviously price. However, depending on product, reviews score can play significant role as well. You can buy product cheaply, but wait weeks for delivery – information about it will be provided in reviews. This is only one example. So, sometimes it is better to pay more, but from more reliable source. But to convince customer you would need useful marketing tools, like for instance email marketing templates. Because it makes huge difference how your email looks.

All this above introduction is to point at one thing: visible online price tag for a product or service is not the final stage in purchase chain. For some products or services price depends on additional factors related to customer requirements. In such case customer is interested in a quote before making final decision about purchase.

There are at least three ways you can deliver quote to customer. One is that after filling form fields, customer gets quote visible on the screen. This is not bad, as long as you have at the same time chat system, which prompts customer to ask some questions or offers help. Otherwise, you will lose customer after he got his result price. Other approach, rather more effective, is to send quote (generated automatically) to customer via email. Yes, the quote could be projected on the screen, but the point is to get opportunity to send email. By sending email you get two things: information about customer email for sending info about offers (if potential customer agree) and second thing: you have second approach to convince the customer your offer is better. We will discuss this example in a minute. Different approach, based on the fact, that not for every product or service it is possible to generate quote on the fly, is just kindly ask potential customer to fill a form with details about his requirements and click submit button.

My personal approach is to automate everything what is possible to automate. So, if you can automatically produce onscreen quote, or deliver it to potential customer email box, it is worth to do it. Situation, where potential customer gets quote to his email is yor second choice to impress visitor and change him/her into customer. The form of the email, both its visual and content aspects are very important. You should ask yourself, if your logo and text roughly carved html email looks good enough, and if it looks properly especially on mobile devices. For surfing in internet desktops and laptops are better, but many of us checks emails using mobiles. You can create yourself some simple responsive email template. But this task is not that easy. The best soluton is purchase of ready, high quality email marketing template, responsive, compatible with MailChimp and – often – ready for some statistical checking, like A/B tests, have prepared info about subscription or your company. It is possible to rearrange it according to company specific needs. Prices of such email html templates fit in range between $15 and $20, and you can buy them for instance on ThemeForest online template service.

Think about your html template sent to customer like about second chance, and don’t underestimate it.