Dodgy Google things – are you predator or a prey?

google and you, alternative seo approach

For long time I have been sure that something is wrong with Google Santa Claus approach to poor flock of people. The breakthrough in my mind happened when I found that in September 2013 Google started rapidly increasing number of encrypted searches. Look into your Google Analytics account to find roughly 80% of searches with keywords “not provided”. It means, that people write some phrases into Google searching box, later click in some listing to land on your website, and Google doesn’t want you to know most of the words.

Obviously, Google have their fairy tale explanation – some crap about protecting searchers privacy, but when you pay via Google Adwords, they will let you to know the grey matter of searchers keywords. It means, that the main aim of Google is to get more money with – in fact – all possible ways.

And now, why they give you Google Analytics system? Some time ago the system was upgraded with e-commerce modules. Why did they do that? They did it for money. As it is now, Google Adwords charges for clicks, but – in my opinion – they want MORE MONEY, they want commission for every sale where for sale is some product or service. It is not working this way yet, but Google is not Santa Claus. They are monopolist in world of open access searching engines. Do you really think that the “Conversions” item in Google Analytics menu is to make your life easier and more happy? The “Conversions” is only a kind of bait, and the very nature of every bait is to look like it is not a bait. But to charge commission Google needs to know exactly what and for how much money was sold, and here we have FREE “Conversions” section in Google Analytics. They don’t charge commissions, yet.

You can argue that Google is helpful, giving so much advice, especially with video speeches of the company’s employees. Well, listen carefully to their talking. What are they advising? In my opinion what they say helps simplify your website structure to decrease Google cost. You can ask what cost. The more complicated structure of a website, the more computation power and database storage is needed the more Google has to pay for it. So, verily, what the guys X, Y and others explain as Google SEO specialists really saves Google money. Listen several times to what they talk. All this comes to one thing – simplify your website structure, nothing more nothing less. They repeat it like worn out vinyl record. It is just boring.

Have you ever seen Google navigation or menu in Google services? Let’s face the truth – most of Google menu systems are crap. Try to follow their crappy navigation system methods on your website and you will quickly lose your visitors.

To sum it up, I would not recommend to trust Google. Put your website customers and product or service on first place, modify your website in a way which is good for customers, listen to your customers’ feedback, use alternative SEO methods, especially those related to social networks  and don’t rely on Google searching engine only, because it becomes less and less trusted. Take Google into account, obviously, but don’t be fooled by their shallow blah blah blah.

As it is now, Google is like a spider, Google Adwords is like a spider web, and you – like a would-be-prey. Google can treat you like spider treats a fly – see the featured photo. The choice is yours.