Conversion Rate Optimization

My preferred approach to get high conversion rate is based on use of organic SEO and something we could name as conversion rate optimization, which is not exactly the same like standard searching engines optimization. Advantage of honest/organic approach to SEO is visible in such factor like conversion rate. What is conversion rate about? This is very simple: conversion rate is factor which shows how much useful for you is incoming traffic, and – on the other side – how much interesting is your website content for users/customers. For instance, if 20 customers per every 100 visiting your site buy a product from your online shop we can say the conversion rate is higher than in a situation when only 5 per very 100 buy something. This example is very explicit. What is less known is fact that conversion rate can be used to measure not only purchases, but things related to visitor behaviour as well. We could ask also: how many visitors (per 100) downloaded desktop wallpaper from your website? Examples of some measurable behaviours, where conversion rate can be applied, are:

  • downloading desktop wallpaper,
  • signing to a newsletter,
  • subscribing to some website service,
  • voting,
  • writing post or reply to a post,
  • watching website video or listening to website audio content
  • using tell-a-friend button on website
  • revisiting website at a later time

However strange it sounds, the above mentioned measurable factors play significant role in conversion rate optimization, and skillfully used greatly help to monetize the total website traffic. Just to give you one example: online buyers which are re-visitors buy as much (or more) as first time visitors. Now, simple question with easy answer is: is it worth to have visitor coming back? If your site has content useful to visitor, there is high probability that he/she will come back or maybe will say about your website to somebody else. And now, more difficult question: what should you do, to have visitors coming back to your website? Only organic conversion rate optimization by definition can give the right answer to this question, that is can provide high conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization techniques are based mostly on human interaction with content of your website. What is not visible for search engines due to their specifics can be visible to user which landed on your page and has to make decision.  Human decisions are based not only on logic but also, and rather most, on emotions. Searching engines don’t have emotions, but people do, and this factor is probably one of the most important in conversion rate optimization.