WordPress Theme Installation – Part 2

The basic part of installation of a WordPress theme was described in Part 1. For most WordPress simple themes full management of theme can be found in admin panel – in submenu of Appearance: Themes, Widgets, Menus, Header, Background and – if you want to dig in php, css, js and txt files – Editor. The main settings of a simple theme – and advanced theme too – can be set at: Appearance->Themes->Customize. After installation of a new advanced theme you will find in Appearance an additional option for settings of the new theme.

Some WordPress themes have sophisticated functionality and layout, so don’t be surprised if you find several pages for layout and navigation settings. Theme’s developers try to design user friendly theme’s administration panel, however with so many possibilities, like CSS settings, google analytics, google adsense, rotational banners, advertisement options, seo settings, menu functionality, animation modes, background, header, colours, social network options, fixed size or full page layout, sidebar management, additional widgets etc, all this can not be too simple. However, a good news is, that the tweaking of a new advanced WordPress Theme settings is rather a one time job, and after that your main headache is supply website content. There is nothing more to do with advanced layout panel unless you would like to modify layout or to add a new theme feature which was turned off so far.

Before a new theme installation it is a good idea to make a copy of WordPress database, to save website content if something wrong happens after installation.

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