Google glasses review – ripping off your privacy with surveillance equipment

google glassess - rip off your privacy

Are Google glasses worth their money? In my opinion this is modern hi-tech piece of surveillance bullsh*t. The main aim of using this weirdo is surveillance, and only on top of that you get “features”. Let’s explain it this way: you put the Google glasses sh*t on your head and now they can get all information concerning your habits and interaction with environment you live in. You will get some ID, you get separate file some where in “cloud” and after that they will start feeding you with product and services, in fact you will be controlled and without being aware of it. You can think that you make some choices, but this will be illusion, because items you will get or you will see to make choice (services/product) could be selected by Google (maybe, it is possible). Have you ever seen farms of humans? Watch Matrix to understand what I am talking about. Now the situation is similar except that this is not Matrix and they will feed you not via some elastic pipes, but in different way and with somewhat different content.

Google glasses are the ultimate surveillance equipment and can be used only by people naive enough to even pay for it. You could ask why Google would use it as surveillance and market device. The answer is simple: because it is possible and because for them you are worth as much as much they can earn on you. Google have shareholders, and shareholders don’t care about anything.

Have you ever seen small cars with cameras on top moving slowly on streets few years ago? During gathering photos for street views project Google illegally recorded user names and passwords which people used for WiFi connections. I think, that such company can not be 100% trusted. To find more about Google “mind” read article on BBC website: Google fined over illegal wi-fi data capture in Germany and think again if you are really interested in everything Google produce. Are you 100% sure that your privacy will not be violated if you use Google glasses even if Google will promise it?

There is also another aspect of using Google Glasses related to people you watch. You watch people means Google watches them as well. Will you ask people if they want to be on video you record with Google Glasses? You will not most probably. Like with almost every computer equipment you don’t control all its functionality. I mean Google probably can record video or make photo shots in a way you don’t know. In the same way web cams can be activated on most OS and laptops even if it is turned off. In fact, Google created the device and they have source code, so they can do whatever they want. This gathering information about you and about people you look at, all this doesn’t look good.

That is true, that in some very specific situations Google glasses can be useful, but most of Google explanations make me about to vomit.