WordPress Themes Free vs Paid?

The choice: Web Design free vs paid is not that difficult if only your website is based on a WordPress theme. When making choice between so many free WordPress themes it is good to have in mind one important thing: almost all of them can be seriously modified, that is customized. And, the customization is based not only on their themes’s management panels (“clicking” layout management) but on possibility to make modification of their files’s code: PHP, JavaScript and CSS as well. In my opinion, there are free WordPress themes which are good enough, that with some functionality extension (plugins) they can be successfully used for serious business activity.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

On the other side, if you look for more visually appealing layouts with some plugin-like options embedded in theme functionality, I would recommend purchase of paid WordPress themes. Many times, paid WordPress themes are direct answer for some specific business demand, for instance concerning shopping carts/online shops or advanced social interactivity. So, for the affordable price you can get sophisticated layout which satisfy your needs, especially for some niche markets.